Glass Hatch Screen

I finally took delivery of our new hatch glass the other day but didn't get a chance to blog about it with all the drama of the boat sinking.

Anyway, as I'd previously mentioned, I was going to do a bevel design on the glass to make it look a bit better and a bit more of a feature. Early this morning, I'd drawn a template which I then cut out and stuck on one side of the glass - this makes sure I put the design in the right place and its not skewed etc when finished.

Here's the glass and you can see my template. The breakfast bar was my workshop:(!)

However, disaster struck half way through! The bevel design looks like this:

The bevel comes in all seperate pieces and I ended up accidentally dropping one on the floor which chipped it, so I've been unable to complete the design today.

Applying one of the glass pieces:

"Curing" them using light to create a bond to my glass pane:

...and this is where I'm upto and all I could do today. Really annoyed at myself!! But it looks good so far:

Close up:

From outside:

I've ordered a new bevel so I can pick out the piece I need but I'm guessing that it might not be here until next week - the company were a bit slow to post things out.

Anyway, the bathroom refurb is starting next week too so I won't be able to complete it then. Grrrr!

After the bevel has been completed I can apply the leading into the crevices of the bevel to finish the design off and then do a leaded design on the rest of the glass. It will look really nice when fully completed. Whenever that will be now !


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