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A Busy Week

Well I'm really late with this post - it's nearly midnight, but, as they say - better late than never!

We've had a really busy week, sorting things out with the apartment, doctors appointments and yes - more work on the boat!

I think I mentioned in one of my posts last week that we'd had Rob back on board to fit a TV unit, a kitchen corner unit as well as a slimline cupboard in the kitchen. He also fitted a basket rack next to the oven for things like fruit and veg - it's practical and stylish ;)

He actually made a start on the work last month but due to his schedule and other things going on here, he only popped back this week to finish the work off.

We'd had the TV unit done just because we had this massive clunky thing which took up loads of room - it was too wide and you just simply don't have room to spare on a narrowboat!

We designed the unit with Rob and I'm really pleased with it. We didn't want it any deeper than gunnel depth and it works really…


Yup, I want to scream! There's so many things going on here at the minute and its definitely getting on top me now.

It makes me wonder if when we chose the name for the boat, if we really did curse ourselves!

So, there's lots going on and depending what happens in the next few days, I'm pretty sure I'm going to go ballistic, more of which I'll tell you about when its all cleared up!

Yesterday started off really well too, as we finally met up with Doug and James on Chance for a coffee and a chat - something we'd been talking about doing for quite a few months. They are currently travelling around and also have Olly off Queen Maeve with them who also came along yesterday morning.

I took a Victoria Sponge to go with the coffees, which I hope everyone enjoyed and, yes, they finally got a picture of me!!

(Nope, thats not me, that's the cake....)

Apparently,the guys thought I was an anonymous hermit tucked away in the boat (I am!) and thought it was funny that there…

Three Months?!

Apparently that's how long I've been away from the blog. Wow. Time really does fly, either having fun or not!

In some ways, I suppose I can blame "summer" ! It's lovely in the new mooring and of course, we've had such great weather that we've been making the most of it with good food, good drink and great company keeping us entertained this summer.

However, since my operation, my knee hasn't been good at all and in some ways, has gotten worse.... It's all still ongoing with trips to hospitals, surgeons, doctors etc and no one knowing what the problem is or what to do next. So in some ways I've been pretty depressed with being limited in what I can and can't do and not knowing how long its all going to go on for.

I suppose for a while I'd fell out of love with the boat as well and we'd been thinking about what to do. Not knowing how manageable it will be in the future with my knee/leg being how it is has made us think about whether to …