A Sunny Sunday

It's been a nice bright day which is appreciated as the last few days have been gloomy and showery. The only problem now is the outside temperature :(

Perhaps we will have the boat lifted to France next year!

We haven't been up to much today, and haven't really left the boat all day either - there will be plenty of trips to town etc tomorrow and Tuesday when Rob returns to complete the bathroom, so we thought we'd chill out today. We did go and see Andy at the "Trading Post" as we needed some new rope for a new centreline and a chimney hat, as ours blew off a few weeks back.

As the gas locker needs painting too, Pawel decided to sand back so I can paint it - if only we could get some decent weather that will last so I can get a few coats on.

It desperately needs doing as the lid was badly scratched as was the area around it. It's all been sanded back now though so just needs the repaint when the weather will allow!

Where is spring?!


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