Bevel and Leaded Glass Design Completed

Woo hoo! Andy from the chandlery called me today to say I'd had a delivery today! I knew it must have been the bevel that I'd had to re-order when I broke a piece the other day. This meant
I could get the glass work in the hatch completed. So that's how most of today has been spent.

It was great news too, as I didn't think the company would send the replacement until next week meaning that I would have to wait until Rob had completed the bathroom refurbishment before I could complete it (not enough space etc for so many projects at once!)

We were already on the way to town when Andy called as I needed a few bits from Waitrose and Pawel was getting the train from the other station there. I picked the parcel up on my return and got to work straight away.

The first job was to get the last two bevel pieces bonded to the glass as I could then start the leading design. Again I had to make little templates to make sure that my leading was going to be straight (not got the best eyes and making sure something is level is definately not my thing!)

Here's how it went - this showing my lead guidelines and the start of my leading:

The trickiest part is definately doing the leading around the bevel, as you have to make sure that you have the lead on the bevel edge and also on your glass pane equally in order to give the bevel a "finished" look and make sure that the leading adheres to the glass properly.

And here is how it looks completed:

A close up:

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Arty shot(!):

The pictures aren't great as I'm using the iPad again but I will try and take some more pictures tomorrow!

The leading is definately harder work than applying the bevels and took me over 2 hours alone. I may enhance the design a bit more by adding a coloured border around the endge of the glass pane, but I'm quite happy with the way it looks for now :)

I enjoyed doing it a lot too - I might even consider doing designs for other people. If anyone would like a piece of glass or a window/door enhanced, email me HERE


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