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The days really do seem to go by so quickly these days. What happened to the times when I was younger, when it seemed like forever between Halloween and Christmas?

Does time really go faster the older you get - I'm sure my Dad used to say something like that!

Yes, it's been over a week since I last updated, but there's not all that much that's been going off. We're still doing a very slow cleanup of the engine room. We're not rushing it - it's not a living space so it's not impacting on day to day life on the boat.

Last week, we cleaned all the engine room floor boards and all the appliances that had a film of oil all over them(!) We also used an oil and degreaser solution and diluted that and threw it into the bilge where it's still sitting - hopefully working away. In the next day or so we will go in there and give it a good scrubbing with a bristle brush and hopefully a lot of the grease will be cleaned up and we can think further along the lines …

A Little Bit Better...

Yes, we're feeling a little bit more positive about it all today and we've even been cracking a joke or two about it all as well. Today, we didn't get up until late - nearly 11, despite planning an early start to run the engine beforehand to charge up the batteries so we could let it cool enough to work on and fix the exhaust.

It left us a bit short of time, but we definitely needed the lie in- with everything going on, it's just drained us - plus I didn't sleep that well last night either due to the local party scene outside!!

We had a bit of breakfast/lunch and then Pawel set off on attempting to apply the gum to the exhaust. Here's how it was looking:

It's a bit awkward to get to as well as it's the top of the silencer, so it has broken away right on the opposite side to where you can get to - nearly against the side wall of the hull.

Poor Pav!

He had a little hand held mirror and a torch to help and applied it as best he could. It doesn't look p…