A Quiet Yet Busy Day?!

There's not a lot to report today really. I've been busy trying to find a shower screen that will be delivered tomorrow which Rob can then fit whilst he's here. We found out yesterday that the other one is too big and so it's now just sitting in the bath.

Fortunately, I've managed to hunt a company down who make one which is only 1300mm in height and they have pushed for us to have it delivered tomorrow.

We've also had to move the boat today, ready for Rob returning tomorrow as he has problems with parking the van in our usual spot. We're back near the visitor car park for a day or two, although I have to say, I don't really like it down this end!

Here's a picture for today:

It's not meaningless and I will explain a bit more about it in the next week or two but it is exciting for us. For now, we've had to keep it under our hat - you know what it's like.

Hopefully, the majority of the bathroom will be finished tomorrow bar the new flooring. Rob will return on Friday to finish that off and then we're done....although little does Rob know that I have a few more jobs that need doing ;) Once they are done, the boat is FINISHED in terms of fit out!

The only things we will be doing afterwards is maintenance and concentrating on getting a diesel central heating system installed, but that will be only done later in the year ready for next winter.


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