We Have A Date

We have finally found out when our bathroom refurb will be done by Rob! He's coming on 11th March to start the tiling, completing all that first followed by building the two corner units I discussed HERE

All we have to do now is order the tiles, shower screen, shower to be installed and new flooring!?

We have finally decided on an accent tile too. It looks like this:

It'll go really nice with our plain coloured tiles -a contrast and definately an accent ;)

We'll just have a strip of them going along the wall where the bath is - just about mid-height. I can't wait! I only wish it was next Monday he was starting rather than a week on Monday!

Rob is coming over next week to start taking measurements and things and he also wants to us take some of the existing cladding off for then as well as he needs to see what the walls are like underneath. I'm thinking that for the next few weeks, the place is going to look like a bomb's hit it!

Today we topped up with water, diesel, coal and got a new gas bottle so it's been a bit manic all day with having to take the boat to the water point and chandlery etc and then bringing it back and re-mooring. At least it's kept us busy - we'll certainly be ready for dinner tonight, put it that way!

Nothing else is really happening lately, I guess this is the calm before the storm. Some other good news is that Rob needs us to be away for a night or two when he first starts the job, so we shall be in 5 star luxury during those two days in a lovely hotel. :D

Can you tell I'm excited!?


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