If I told you the events of today you'd never believe me. You'd think it was a made up story - for the effect of making people laugh.

It's got to the point now though, where I'm sat at the breakfast bar and I genuinely don't know what to do. I am basically locked out of the back half of the boat - the bathroom and bedroom.
We have a centre aisle layout so have to go through the bathroom to get to the bedroom.

I'm not going into why's or how's but something is on the bathroom floor - its been one thing after another in here today, with a few unpleasant discoveries.... Anyway, the door from the kitchen opens inwards into the bathroom and the door from the bedroom opens inwards into the bathroom. Suffice to say with said object on the floor and blocking both doors, I can't get into the freaking bathroom!

I'm going to continue to sit at the breakfast bar, numb, and just think what I'm going to do as half my boat is now blocked off and I'm out of ideas and out of strength today.

It won't be resolved tonight. Of that, I'm sure.


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