Nothing Much Happening

Well the weather has returned to a bitterly 2 degrees all day! I knew it was all too good to be true!

The winds are easterly too and so it feels like its minus 1 apparently, but I do have to agree with that. It was so cold all day I've barely ventured outside feeling a bit miserable for it!

With it being overcast too, we've not had that much power through our 690w solar bank today either, so the engine was on early this morning. For the last few days we didn't have the engine on until around 5 or 6PM as the solar panels were charging the batteries all day and gave us plenty extra to allow us to use things without affecting the state of charge on the batteries. Bonus! I can't wait for more weather like this where we won't have to have the engine on at all!

So with nothing to do and it being cold out, we've mostly been watching the birds and the squirrel(!) on the bird feeder. We got a new seed bowl a few weeks back for it which we thought would result in the squirrel less likely to destroy it seeing as he can have free access to it:

It seems to be working! We know that we're not going to stop the squirrel coming for the food so we may as well stop buying locked feeders that he's just going to break to get into - besides, he has to eat too!

My next job on the boat is to start measuring up for the tiles for the bathroom - there's going to be plenty to blog about when that job starts!

It'll be exciting to document the changes in the bathroom too with photos as the work progresses and is then completed :)


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