When Will It End?

I keep thinking this to myself quite a bit lately - when will it end? No, I'm not talking about life on planet earth. That happened on 21/12/2012 anyway didn't it?!

What I'm talking about is our list of jobs that we "need/want" doing on the boat. And that's the other part of the question...

How many of these jobs really do need to be done and how many of them are just things that we want done?

Is our love for the boat now addiction?


1. - being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming

2. - an abnormally strong craving
craving - an intense desire for some particular thing

It's great to have all these improvements but I'm now glad that we won't be having any further works done for a while - I'm fed up of cleaning up dust and having people coming in and tearing the boat to bits!

We had the final woodwork done in the galley/saloon today and that's it now until we can afford for the bathroom to be retiled which will probably be around the end of Feb.

Rob arrived at the boat at around 8 this morning and made a fast start in ripping the hatch doors out. They were minging!! Look!

We headed into town out of the way not long after 10AM but Rob called around 1 to say he was nearly finished. I had a bit of food shopping to get in first so told Rob to just leave when he needed to.

I arrived back to the boat and the work was looking smart, but the place looked like a dump! Rob had already left and Pawel had headed off to work, so it was left to me to clean up!

The new hatch and the new gunnels look great. I've not had chance to take pics, after spending nearly 2 hours cleaning up I'm knackered now so I'll post pics tomorrow.

Rob will be back in Feb to start the final job on the boat!? ( I say that sarcastically as I know there'll never be a final job on the boat!)

That final job will be tiling the bathroom - it really does need doing. It's not fully waterproof at the moment and we don't have a shower screen still, so its definately something that's a "need" more than a "want" despite it also being an aesthetic improvement as well as a practical one!

I'm still waiting for winter to happen - its still 2.2 degrees here... It's supposed to be as low as minus 5 next week, so we'll see. Here's the forecast from XC Weather for later next week:

I love the cold weather - if its dry and frosty, I think it's really nice. So I'm hoping we will get one last final snap before the spring arrives!

I'm off now as its time to take Eddie out for a quick walk and then its time for steak and chips for dinner!

Tomorrow I'd best think about getting a couple of coats of varnish on the new hatch. I also need to think of a solution for how we can mount our perspex back onto the new hatch frame.

I'm thinking of using magnetic tape, but not so sure as we might be changing the Perspex for a piece of stained glass at some point....

... Oooops. That's another "want" isn't it!?


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