More Snow Updates...

It's now 630PM and the temperature hasn't gone above minus 2 all day. Nothing much has been done as there isn't really anything to do apart from keep the stove well stoked and make sure everything is functioning as it should.

We took Eddie out this morning for a really short walk which is when the pictures were taken. We felt bad for the birds today too knowing its cold and that our bird feeder at our mooring has been pretty much empty since we left.

Pawel fed the ducks with some stale bread and we also topped up the bird feeder that we installed in our usual mooring spot.

Pawel topping up our bird feeder in our normal mooring space. Beautiful white fields:

And just through the next bridge, our neighbour, Keith's boat:

Here's a few more pictures of our local area from today to give you an idea:

Snowed-in canal:

Towpath from the boat:

We also got a few extra bags of coal from Andy at the chandlery with the wheelbarrow today. Pawel loading them on:

A few pics from out of the porthole. This was my view this afternoon when I was sat at the bar - it was coming down really thick at this point:

We are starting to get concerned about water as it looks like the canal could be frozen for at least another week. We probably have half capacity left in our tank, so its not too bad at the moment though.

Our neighbour has offered to let us use some big containers of his, to top our tank up with water. We'd fill them up at the water point and then take them back to the boat on the wheelbarrow and pour the water into the tank. We'd have to go back and forth quite a few times as they only look like they'd hold 25-30 litres, which is a pain but at least it means we can keep our tank from running dry!

The only other possible problem is that the water point keeps freezing up!

We'll see what happens by Sunday or Monday and decide what to do then!


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