The Arrival

Pav arrived back yesterday afternoon. We met down in the local town as we thought it would be nice to have a quick lunch out before returning to the boat.

It was strange having him back on board! I actually noticed for the first time the difference in space with another person on the boat and I did feel a bit 'cramped'! It also triggered some sort of OCD reaction off as I couldn't stop tidying around and cleaning!

Before he came home, I managed to do a few coats of varnish on the new chest of drawers that Rob fitted the other day.

They've actually come up really nice and I'm impressed!

Here's before I varnished and added the handles from the same angle:

Another shot:

(Disclaimer: In relation to the picture above, I'd just like to add that if any fellow boaters would like to visit us on board "One Thing After Another", we have plenty of 'drink' ! :D )

The handles were a good choice as well and I got them from Clas Ohlsen when I was in Manchester the day before last.

We couldn't have the same type of handles that we have on the main cupboard doors as they're too big for these small drawers. I just picked something that complimented everything else but still looked smart:

So that's something else finished off now. The hatch will finally be getting completed on Friday and then we won't be having any more work done for a bit as we'll be saving for a little while to have the bathroom retiled.

That will be massive in terms of expenditure(!) and magnitude of job and all the mess that goes with it! Can you imagine the dust everywhere!?


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