Well I got nothing 'Christmassy' done today as we were still busy finishing up on jobs inside the boat. The new inverter needed all the cables tidying up and we had to take the boat out to get a tank full of fresh water for the next few weeks.

On top of that I decided to wash and wax the boat as it was looking a bit grubby. That takes forever and is absolutely knackering!

Later I popped into town as I needed a few bits from the diy store (again!). By the time I got back it was gone 4 and I still had the inside of the boat to clean up.

So I made no chili jam, mince pies, or carrot cake... tomorrow had better be less hectic. I really love Christmas eve,more so than Christmas day,so I really want to have a nice day which is relaxed! I'll get up early and maybe watch some Xmas cartoons tomorrow to get me in the mood :)

Right now I'm vegging with Eddie


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