Just Another Day...

Since around 6AM this morning the 40MPH winds have returned. It died down over lunch time but has returned with a vengeance now! The boat's moving quite a bit as I type this, but it's a little bit exciting as its one of those moments you think "yep, I really live on a boat!"

I was at the doctors this morning having some blood taken to test for arthritis related problems that could be causing the swelling and pain in my knee (yep, I'm really only in my late 20s!) so I was out the door quite early this morning and on the train about 830.

I didn't get back onto the boat until around 1130AM by which time, P was up and had cleared the boat and took the old "tiles" off the gunnels ready for Rob arriving...

Ugh!!!!!! It looked a right mess but at least I know it's going to look a lot better and function a lot better when Rob has finished.

Basically, on the right hand side of the kitchen in the picture above, the worktop is coming out and being replaced by a wider one which will be cut into a rounded shape on the end so it will be a bigger/wider breakfast bar where we can have meals at. At the moment, its not that wide and is a bit of a squeeze even for the two of us. When Rob has put the new top in, it will be a lot wider and look a lot more funky with lots of curves and we should be able to fit around 178 people around it...OK maybe 3 or 4 at the most!

To accommodate the increase in the width of the right hand side, two cupboards are being taken out on the left side of the kitchen and the worktop being cut right back.... The two cupboards on the left side will be replaced with a small 250mm wide single drawer unit for us to store utensils etc in rather than having them strewn around a big cupboard where the space isn't utilised that well anyway.

The "gunnels", where the tiles used to be, are being replaced and will fit down to the top of the worktops, meaning no gap between the worktop and the upper wall, so will require no tiles over the top of them.... Overall it should look really nice and finished off a lot more professionally.

Rob won't be back now until Friday even though I thought he'd be here most of today, tomorrow and Friday. This is good as I've cleaned up for now and it basically means that he's just here for the whole day on Friday meaning its less invasive than I thought it would be and just one evening of cleaning up afterwards! On Friday P is off again so we'll just head into town for the day and have a long lunch or something to keep out of his way and let him just get on with it!

I can't wait to see the finished result!

Nothing else new really. P is off tomorrow so we're gonna head into town, have a coffee somewhere and chat/decide about what food we will be having/making over Christmas seeing as it will just be the two of us again this year.

Bye for now!


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