Not a lot

Hi all

Not a lot happening to be honest. I called the police yesterday to report the diesel being stolen, they were quite good and told me that they were going to send a police presence to the area and late afternoon yesterday, I did see policemen walking around the towpath.

I don't ever expect them to find who took my diesel specifically but hopefully it might put someone off doing it again now, but we'll see!

My knee is no better and is still swollen and really sore. It's difficult to work on my feet all day when it's like this so will be heading back to the docs soon.

It was another chilly start this morning at minus 6 and apparently when P came in during the very early hours it was minus 7. Nice and toasty inside though with the stove kept in :)

Will keep you posted on any news. I'm off tomorrow so it ill be a case of finishing off the wine so it clears ready for bottling. I was meant to do that last week !


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