We Are Here

We got to the new mooring yesterday quite late really, around 3 and then spent the rest of the day playing catch up, including a trip into town which we didn't get back from until around 6:30PM.

The spot is nice here and feels a lot more secure and safe, with it not being on the towpath side, but it doesn't feel like "home" and I miss where we were?!

Pawel has just took Eddie out to get his second kennel cough vaccination and this is currently what I look out to:

The only really annoying thing so far is the fact we have a neighbour burning wet wood, and with the easterly wind it's blowing in through our doors!!! Maybe the wind will change direction or maybe I'll hide his wood - not sure yet!!

Just a quick post this morning, I'm going to get some washing on the go as we can hang washing out here as well, which is a big plus.


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