A Good Day Gone Bad!

This morning looked promising weather-wise, so I was hoping to get into town to get some paint for the batons around the gravel patio we've made and to get them painted today. I think the batons would look better painted either green or a charcoal grey:

Anyway, we'd left the fire in overnight (as usual) but awoke this morning to it being 25.4 degrees in here and that was with the stove shut down to minimum setting! Looking outside revealed why though. It was already showing on my weather station as being 12 degrees out and the sun was also full on! Great - a perfect day to get my job done then!

We headed into town after breakfast and I got the paint I needed and also some 'satin black' for the boat blacking below the gunwhales (it looks a bit patchy in places and like it just needs a bit of refreshment.)

I returned from town only for it to start raining around half an hour later and the winds are over 20MPH - so its a bit blustery!

Oh well, another job that's going to have to wait!! Grrr

There was a farmers market going on in a local pub car park today too and we also had a look around that whilst we were out. They had some good things including a French patisserie - selling gorgeous looking breads and pastries.

I got a long baguette for a £1.00 and we also had a chocolate twist pastry and one containing a peach and egg custard filling. They were amazing! We went back and got two more for breakfast tomorrow!

I also picked up some amazing feta cheese which I plan on using to make a spinach and feta "pie" (it's not really a pie as it's made using filo pastry - maybe 'parcel' is a better term rather than 'pie'!)

I love it and it makes a really tasty, filling meal along with a side salad and some buttered bread. I will post the recipe with pictures on here when I make it in the next few days!


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