More Garden Tasks

It's been a nice calm, dry day today with some warm sunshine in between the light cloud. We decided that as Pawel was off, he would start planting a few bits and pieces in one of the raised beds.

We decided that one raised bed will be solely for strawberries.

We've got quite a few different varieties - some new and some from last year so wanted to plant them all together. In total we have 14 plants in one raised bed! I'd better get a bowl of strawberries this year ;)

Here's Pawel hard at work(!):

All the plants in - although some are bigger than others. Most of the plants we planted today were the bulbs from the garden centre that we got ages go, so they'll be a little behind the rest!

We also had a bash at making a cover for the lettuce box - using some garden canes and cling film!!

Making the frame:

Also the tomatoes are getting quite large already, so they've also had some stakes tied to them to provide support:

Eventually, these will go into the other raised bed along with cucumbers and a couple of dwarf green bean plants and that raised bed will also have a polythene ( or cling film, who knows?!) cover over it as they need better temperatures really.

What a nice heather.....


We're getting there....slowly!!


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