Another Project Begins

I told you it wouldn't be long before we started something else. However this is quite easy and enjoyable and will mean a good time outdoors in the summer!

Today was the day to start on the patch of land on our mooring - getting it ready for summer and trying to make some sort of patio.

We were going to lay flagstones, but have decided to just go with some purple slate chippings as that will be easier and a lot less hassle.

We currently have some boards down by the mooring but to be honest they look a bit of a mess and then the ground around them is just mud and a bit uneven, so the slate chippings will also level it all out a bit too!

The job today was to create a 'border' that the chippings can sit in so they don't get kicked everywhere or end up in the canal.

We had some 1x1" timber batons left over from some other projects, so those have been stained to blend in a bit better and then glued onto the boards or tapped into place when there were no boards (just into the grass area.) That now maps out where the Patio will be.

Staining and gluing down:

And here is how its looking now with the "frame" finished:

So as you can see, it looks a bit of a mess just the way it is at the moment, but it will look really nice and be more level once we've got the slate chippings down.

Pawel is off to the garden center tomorrow, using our neighbour Sue as a taxi ( she has a big land rover so plenty of room to get loads of bags of slate in!)

We'll also lay a membrane down on the grass part to make sure no grass or weeds start popping through with the warmer weather, it'll be pretty much finished by this time tomorrow.

Simple and quick - not bad to say it's us that's doing it!


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