Bits and Bobs

Pawel has been off today so we both went into town for haircuts this morning and then did some food shopping. We returned around 3PM and have been pottering around with the space outside on our new mooring.

Pawel finally built one of his raised planters for the veg and gave it a coat of paint to match in with the batons around the edge of the gravel.

Here's how it's all looking:
(He didn't paint the inside as that will be filled with soil soon !)

We also put the 'log wall' around the tree from the vegetable box to the gravel edge. We are the thinking of maybe planting a 'herb garden' around that tree now.

The list of things we are growing is now as follows:

* Tomatoes - normal cherry, black cherry and yellow cherry
* Strawberries - we have around 3 different types
* Blueberries
* Dwarf cucumber
* Dwarf French beans
* Peppers
* Lettuce - Duchy 'Organic Dynamite'
* Herbs - basil, thyme, chives, rosemary

Well that should keep us busy!

The first thing we did when we got here a few weeks back was put the bird feeder out. However, there wasn't many birds come like in our old space and still isn't - we think it's because there's no hedgerow as such for them to sit/nest in.

However, we are getting a few lovely looking birds which I've found out are a breed called "Chaffinch". In our old mooring space it was mostly Blue Tits we had, but these look a lot more exotic:

I've seen some that also look the same as in the picture above, but have a bright blue head - like a Blue Tit. It's lovely seeing all the variety of wildlife and being this close to it.


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