There's always a problem isn't there? Especially when it comes to people working on your boat! Basically, we were told this morning that the guy wouldn't be returning today to work on the boat as his van had broken down.... Hmmm.

Now we must wait until Monday or Tuesday before he can come back which isn't great as it means we will have to keep making a nuisance of ourselves at Stretford and I hate laying things on people really who don't really have anything to do with it. Poor Malcolm!

The good news is that during the day, we have got access to shoreline and I managed to sneak a wash load on today, so that's one plus. Another is that the marina is actually really quiet so we're getting some good sleep!

We also topped our water tank up today too and it's in a really handy place - right next to the deck of our boat! Bonus!

I'm already thinking of the next job to do (and fork out on!) I want to replace the deck tiles on the front well deck. We currently have wooden ones but they're just a pain - they're in a gloss finish which looks bad, and they keep needing to be recoated if you scratch them etc, plus they're always covered in mud and dog hair.

I think We'll get some of the plastic deck tiles that we did on the back deck last year - easy to clean and wash off as well as lift off when you need to. It also means that it looks tidier and is one less thing for me to have to bend down to everyday on my poor knee to clean!

Here are the ones we installed about a year and a half ago:

They're brill and I'd definitely recommend them to people - non slip too!


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