Getting it Together!

With some good food last night (and red wine, of course!) and a lovely comment from a reader, as well as texts from boating friends, I woke up today in a much more positive frame of mind.

Pawel is off work today too, although he still isn't feeling the best about everything. We called the guy from RCR this morning to check if he would be coming today, and as I suspected , the answer was no. He did tell me though that he will definitely be coming tomorrow.....we'll see!

In the meantime, with Pav being off, we headed into town this morning to get a few bits and pieces so we can get the clean up started in the engine room.

We left our 'wet n dry' vac back on our mooring in Poynton which is a bit of a pain as we have a lot of water that has collected in the engine bilge after the incident last Wednesday! There's also a lot of oil that's discharged - not sure where that has come from still at this stage. There doesn't seem to be any leaks or splits anywhere but it needs cleaning out anyway.

We first thought we would get a mop to dry it all out(!!) - it is possible to completely dry a bilge out with a mop and bucket alone - we did it years ago when a twin tub incident filled the engine room! It's bloody hard work though!! Then we found a siphon pump in Clas ohlson - perfect, especially for only £11.99!

It kind of looks like a big syringe and is nearly as tall as me but it should do the job! It's handy to have I suppose as well incase of emergencies like this and it's small enough that it can live in the engine room after we've finished using it. Not only that but it is suitable to use with oil too and it means that we can pump the oil separately into a container for safe disposal.

I've also got some white spirit to give the engine body a bit of a clean over so it should all be looking smart.

The current mess:

Does anyone want to paint my engine bilge though??!

Not a lot else to report right now. Steak and matchstick potatoes for dinner and again, plenty of good wine - hopefully that will sort us out and fingers crossed we really should be sorted out engine-wise tomorrow!

We had the third replacement carpet delivered the other day too (more about that in a blog post in the future - it's the other issue I was ranting about last week!) It's currently rolled up and on the bedroom floor until I can get the fitter back in again - access to the bedroom is now very difficult and everything feels a real mess but it's not the end of the world is it?! The boat is just shrinking in size that's all!

Keep your fingers crossed for us tomorrow!


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