An Autumn Cruise

We decided last week that we would go away for a couple of days on Sunday as Pawel had Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off and isn't back in work until tomorrow afternoon.

We set off mid-afternoon on Sunday despite there being heavy showers and a strong wind. We were just desperate to get on the back deck and get the boat moving...We were determined that nothing would stop us!

We were headed for one of our favourite places of all time - Dunham Massey - and were quite excited as we had never been here at this time of year before. I love Autumn and I couldn't wait to get up here to see all the changing colours of the trees and the falling leaves on the ground and floating on the canal like confetti.

It hasn't disappointed. We really have had a lovely few days - even the cruise up here on Sunday, despite being chilly and a bit wet,was really memorable.

Our mooring:

We did have a few problems once we arrived on Sunday though. For a few weeks now, we've noticed that the engine has been incredibly noisy and I had put it down to needing an oil change, but once we'd moored up here, we had a look under the engine room floor and noticed that one of the metal mounting legs of the engine has literally snapped off. So it's obviously excess vibration caused by it not being secured properly.

Hopefully it won't be too expensive to sort out, but you can see Pawel wasn't happy!

We didn't really do much on the Sunday as it was about 530PM when we got here so we just moored up, had dinner and enjoyed the peace and tranquility of our surroundings.

Yesterday, we went for a walk around the Dunham Massey Park. I couldn't wait as it's fantastic in Summer, but I knew at this time of year it would be even more magical. I was hoping for a bit more colours in the trees, but I think everywhere is still so green because of all the mild weather we're still having.

Anyway, I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

The deer were out and about which was a stark contrast to last time we were here as it was breeding season and they were all cordoned off and not walking about as they usually are. A the park was so quiet, it was easy to get some up close shots of the deer too!

We left the park after having a coffee (and a homemade granola bar that I managed to sneak into the coffee shop that I made yesterday morning!) at about 5PM and just took a slow stroll home, taking in the fantastic scenery.

Autumn definitely has to be my favourite season...

Will tell you more tomorrow about today and the big storm that woke us up at 5AM! For now, I have to head off as I want to get dinner started - I'm making a Chinese dish - sesame chicken....It's sweet, sticky, crispy and gorgeous!

Tomorrow, we head back so the dream is over for now. I'd best make the most of it tonight....


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