Doors, Worktops...Bits and Bobs

It's been a busy few days. Although it would seem that not a lot has been done aboard the boat. That's the funny thing it a boat or a house, bungalow or apartment, the smaller jobs are always the jobs that take the longest. They're also usually the messiest and frustrating!

I finally managed to get a final coat of varnish on the front bow doors yesterday. I'd done 3 coats in danish oil and the final coat had dried grainy - a quick sand and wipe over with white spirit and I decided to do a final "top coat" using an outdoor varnish - at least I knew that it wouldn't dry grainy, gritty and white again. Ideally, I suppose I should have completely sanded them back and re-done them in the varnish alone, or I should at least do another coat of varnish, but I think they should be fine and have enough protection. Next year I will completely strip them and re-varnish.

Just the masking tape to remove and white spirit the windows to clean up...

Of course, the other job was to seal the sink in the kitchen after the granite worktop was put in. I ended up doing it today, finally!! It only took me a week to do, but at least its done now!

I have a new trick for a mess-free way to put on a perfect bead of silicone too - mask up!

Apply masking tape on either side of whatever you're planning to apply silicone to:

Apply the bead of silicone, followed by dipping a finger into white spirit and spreading across to smooth it over:

(Have lunch in-between masking up and applying silicone - leave dirty pots in sink. After all you can't wash up and risk splashing the silicone!!)


Other jobs coming up include measuring up for acrylic sheeting so I can "double glaze" the windows for this winter and Rob should be coming back soon hopefully (our joiner) to fit some new porthole liners and a new bedframe.

I also want to re-varnish the side-hatch doors ready for winter and paint the internal cabin doors. I'm thinking of painting them in cream satin, as the doors look a bit dark and dated and I think it would brighten the place up a bit and make it look a bit more modern - we'll see...Maybe I'll lose momentum before I get to that!


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