Big day today.... We had the gas guy coming at 8:30AM To fit the new hob and make the gas line safe. Drew didn't arrive until about 9 but got to work pretty quickly.

We left him to it while we popped out and unloaded the 2cubic meters of logs we had delivered last night, into the log store.

It's such a relief to get it done and know now that its safe and sound! Here's how the pipe work was looking before:
(note the joins and the lack of support for the pipe!)

One of the welded joints that are a no-no on the boat!:

The pipe work along the cabin length also wasn't clipped adequately enough, so Drew sorted that also - did a really good job and it looks really smart now. Here's the pipe work to the hob now:

Definitely looks a lot more professional!

We also had to have the hob replaced as that was leaking slightly. To be honest it was due out anyway, it was really looking shabby:

The aluminium surround was bad was badly scratched and it just looked quite dated too. The fact is was leaking was also a massive problem! Luckily we had the hob from Ikea originally and they had a similar two burner hob, just more updated from when we first bought ours over 2 years ago.

The new hob has a glass surround and is nearly flush with the worktop and looks really modern, smart and clean:

The only down side is that its another piece of glass to keep clean :)

Drew had finished up pretty much just after lunch, so it was a case of a clean up again. It wasn't too bad to be honest, no dust or anything, mostly just putting things back and moving the chairs in the saloon back into place.

Not a lot else happened today as that really took up most of the day . Big relief! Can relax now!


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