Cabin Fever Hangover?!

Well the weather is quite miserable, so not a lot has been done really. It's still quite warm out but looks damp - so I can't sit out and enjoy the "garden"!!

The garden is actually coming along really nicely now - strawberry plants are big, the tomatoes and cucumber plants have started having flowers on and the lettuce is coming along nicely too.

I had another trip out today, only into Poynton to do a shop at Waitrose. Pawel came with me though and lugged most of the shopping home as I still can't really lift things with my knee! What an excuse!!

Call it positivity or call it boredom, but my thoughts are returning to what needs doing on the boat!!!! The kitchen is still a bit ridiculous in terms of storage and I'm really starting to get frustrated with it ( not sure if this is actually a bit of cabin fever hangover) but its been bothering me for a while.

There just never seems to be enough space to store food especially with only one 600mm cupboard to store all dry items in - I need a walk in pantry!!

Seriously, if I had a boat built from scratch, at the back of the boat I really would have a walk in pantry....with floor to ceiling shelving for everything - food, pots, pans, plates - what a dream!

Anyway, we both think it makes sense to have a corner cupboard built on the end of the galley, next to where the drawers were put in just before Christmas:

It's a waste of space as it is at the moment and looks a bit odd too, plus we did always talk about having it as a corner unit - it will look really smart and will provide tons more storage.

So I think that I'll be calling Rob, our joiner/carpenter, and see if we can sort something out with him to get round and build it!

That's about as exciting as it gets at the moment I'm afraid :)

Speak soon!


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